Geumsan Insam Festival

유래 이미지
History of the
Geumsan Insam Festival

Health festival where clean nature and strong energy give vitality to life

개삼터 강처사 설화 이미지
Growing ginseng dates back 1,500 years in Geumsan county,

where a mountain god gave ginseng to a man called by his last name, Gang, to help him cure his sick mother. Even today farmers maintain their tradition of thankfulness toward the mountain gods around the time that the planted ginseng begins to sprout in hopes of good harvest. The current Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) Festival is rooted in this tradition. The festival was a community festival before it was designated as a cultural tourism festival in 1996.

Since then the festival has gained recognition and branched out into the International Insam(Ginseng) Trade Fair in 1999. The Geumsan Insam(Ginseng) Festival has established a strong foothold in the Korean industrial cultural tourism field.

The 39th Geumsan Insam Festival
The 39th Geumsan Insam Festival

Just a day in Geumsan can make you and your future healthy.


    October. 9 ~ October. 18, 2020


    Ginseng and Herbal Medicine Street in Geumsan, Korea

  • HOST

    Geumsan County


    Geumsan Festival Organization Committee


    Industrial tourism based on ginseng and other speciality goods produced in Geumsan.


    ㆍThe festival was selected as one of the most popular festivals in Korea in 2014.
    ㆍGeumsan County was selected as the 『the Festival Event City』 by the International Festival and Events Association (IFEA) in 2010.
    ㆍGeumsan County received the Pinnacle Award given by IFEA for 6 years in a row.